School Council

School Councils through commitment and creativity, will generatea a strong community spirit. Community spirit makes a school more than just a building- it creates a learning environment where students feel the commitment of their fellow students, their principal, their teachers and their parents. This shared commitment will make the common goal a reality- better education.

Please come and join in this commitment; school council meetings are monthly and will be advertised in the school newsletter and/or reminders will come home with the students.

2019-2020 COUNCIL

Chair – Sheree Walisser
Vice-Chair – Jade Walton
Secretary – Julie Gummesen
Staff Rep – Rotation
Indigenous Rep – Tally Robinson


ECS – Lacey Yasinski
Grade 1 – Cleo Pawluski
Grade 2 – Lorraine Ungarian and Jennifer McCracken
Grade 3 –
Grade 4 – Paige Karchut
Grade 5 – Paige Karchut
Grade 6 – Trista Davidson
Grade 7 – Myrna Johnson
Grade 8 – Tanya Lein
Grade 9 – Sheree Walisser

Trustee – Margaret Michaud
Principal – Laurie Goyetche